3 11 2009

This is most definitely not waterfall season, so I haven’t been out taking pics lately. Also, my son’s due in two months, so I’ve had other things on my mind.

I’ll resume the waterfall pics in March or April next year. In the meantime, I’ll be posting non-waterfall pics of gorgeous Oregon that I’ve taken.

Take care all,




Chichester Falls II

15 05 2009

Chichester Falls II, originally uploaded by ElQue1979.

Chichester Falls – outside of Fall Creek Reservoir.


15 05 2009

LowerWashoutCreekFallsIII, originally uploaded by ElQue1979.

Lower Washout Creek Falls – There is some dispute as to whether this actually constitutes a “waterfall,” but I love this pic nonetheless.


15 05 2009

Billy_Chinook_Falls_I, originally uploaded by ElQue1979.

Billy Chinook Falls – off of the main road to the south marina in Cove Palisades Stat Park.


15 05 2009

A porous igneous rock with Lake Billy Chinook in the background.


15 05 2009

McKay_Crossing_Falls_II, originally uploaded by ElQue1979.

McKay Crossing Falls – off of a gravel road that bisects the road to Newberry Crater (20 miles SE of Bend.)


15 05 2009

Three_Fingered_Jack_I, originally uploaded by ElQue1979.

Three Fingered Jack from the Peter B. Ogden scenic wayside. 200mm zoom lens.